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We know that before you decide to order a website, a mobile application, SEO services, or any digital marketing services from us, you will have many questions. For your convenience, we have grouped our frequently asked questions and their answers, under topic headings. The questions relevant to the heading you selected on the previous page, appear below. Click on any question to see our answer to that question. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see my website on top of Google in locality searches?

Our SEO specialists, will determine the most appropriate keywords to target, to see your website rise up the rankings on Google local search, for those search terms. No-one can guarantee, that you will achieve the number one ranking in organic search, for any particular search term. This is due to both the level of competition to rank for certain keywords or key phrases, and the constantly changing rules that Google applies to its algorithm that deleivers the search results. We do however, do our utmost to eventually get your website ranking on page one, and to deliver more local traffic to your website.

What Is Local SEO & How Is It Different from Traditional SEO?

Google provides business owners with a My Business Profile page, which we set up and optimise, for you. When a potential customer uses a locality based search (eg; Plumber in St Kilda), Google will highlight the busines pages of local plumbers, along with location maps in the search results. In local SEO, the focus is both on your website, and your My Business Page.

Can You Force Google to Display My Business Profile?

Unfortunately, if you have a Google My Business Profile and it is not displayed by Google in search results, no-one including ourselves, is able to force Google to display anything its algorithms choose not to display. If local SEO fails to deliver the required results, we will optimise a separate page on your website, and use traditional SEO tactics to get you the required result.

What Types of Businesses Can Use Local SEO?

Google Local Promotion utilising local SEO tactics, is best suited to businesses that have a physical premise that they want customers to visit, or businesses that provide services at locations, in their local area, situated away from their business premises. Local SEO work is not appropriate for businesses operating 100% e-commerce businesses.

How Do You Compete In Cities Outside Of Your Physical Location?

It runs against the concept of local search by customers seeking a local provider of product or services, for Google to deliver up results, that are not local to the customer. Whilst it is not impossible to rank on a local search when your business is not located in the area for which you want to rank, you will be fighting an uphill battle all the way, and the chances of appearing on the first page of search results, are slim at best.

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