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We know that before you decide to order a website, a mobile application, SEO services, or any digital marketing services from us, you will have many questions. For your convenience, we have grouped our frequently asked questions and their answers, under topic headings. The questions relevant to the heading you selected on the previous page, appear below. Click on any question to see our answer to that question. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build mobile applications?

Yes we build both Native and Hybrid mobile applications for our clients. Our developers are experienced in building mobile applications for both the Android and IOS operating systems. We provide FREE quotes to build mobile application to your individual specifications.

Which operating system should we develop a mobile application to operate on?

We can develop your mobile application for either Android or IOS operating systems. If you require a mobile application to be developed for both operating systems, that will be treated as two separate projects. Analysing the traffic to your existing website, and ascertaining user's device preferences, may help you to determine whether to develop a mobile application, for one or both operating systems.

Why will my customers want to use a mobile application?

A mobile application is not a mobile responsive website accessed via a URL. It is an application that users of mobile devices can download from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store. Your customer can simply open the application on their mobile device and be immediately connected to a version of your website. They don't have to remember and enter a URL, to access the information they want from you. More and more of your customers are expecting to have this ease of access to your information.

How much does a mobile application cost?

The short answer is it depends on your requirements. We provide FREE quotes for all mobile application projects. Our motto is affordability without compromise, so you can expect that we will strive to deliver you an application that meets your needs, but can also be accommodated within a reasonable budget for a SME business.

What is the difference between Cross platform (Hybrid) and Native Application development?

Cross-platform technology provides a framework where one source-code can be utilized to create the multi-platform application; mainly for iOS & Android. With native application development, default language and IDE for both iOS and Android are used, i.e. Objective-C/Swift with xCode for iOS and JAVA with Android studio for Android.

Will my mobile application continue to function with future updates to iOS and Android operating systems?

Normally operating system updates do not impact on already developed applications, but if any update impacts on the functionality or look of your mobile applications, once you provided a detailed list of the issues caused by the update, we will fix these for you.

I have a unique application idea - How can I protect my idea from being stolen?

All mobile applications are unique in one way or another, and the management of SME Online SolutionsĀ® are happy to sign any required Non Disclosure Agreements to protect your interests. Only the design and development staff directly associated with your development project, are provided access to your specifications, and all concerned are subject to confidentiality agreements.

What testing is required before my mobile application is launched?

We utilise a two step testing process. Firstly we test the mobile application ourselves to ensure that it operates as per the specifications provided. When we are satisfied the testing has been successful, we ask you to test the mobile application yourself as an application user. Our mobile applications have an Admin function that you should also familiarise yourself with, before we launch your application into a live environment.

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