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We know that before you decide to order a website, a mobile application, SEO services, or any digital marketing services from us, you will have many questions. For your convenience, we have grouped our frequently asked questions and their answers, under topic headings. The questions relevant to the heading you selected on the previous page, appear below. Click on any question to see our answer to that question. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per
Why Should my business launch a PPC campaign?

If your business needs to acquire new customers quickly, and SEO work to deliver customers has yet to bear full fruit, you can fill the gap with a PPC campaign. A well constructed and targeted PPC campaign, can drive quality traffic to your website, for you to convert into new customers.

Is PPC Expensive?

To answer this question, you need to know how much a new customer is worth to your business, over time. If the lifetime value of a customer is high, then PPC campaigns, can provide a high return on investment. Typically PPC Campaigns can produce leads at a cost per lead of $50.00 to $300.00, depending on the industry concerned and its level of competition.

Where do PPC campaign results appear and what do they look like?

If you do any online search, you will see that the top listed search results and the results displayed to the right hand side of the top listed results, are all paid advertisements. These appear in these positions as part of the advertisers PPC campaigns. Viewers clicking on any of these results will be delivered to your website. Google "Curtains Melbourne" to see a perfect example.

How do you find the best keywords to use in a PPC campaign?

When you engage us to run a PPC campaign on behalf of your business, our PPC experts, use a range of freely available and paid tools, to determine the best keywords to constructed your PPC campaign around. The keywords we select, are design to trigger your advertisement, when these keywords are used in search queries.

What are the benefits of PPC campaigns?

A well constructed PPC campaign, provides your business with front and centre attention, when your potential customers are searching for the products or services your business offers. The reason Google is so successful financially, is that they have made it much more affordable, for SME businesses to compete with large businesses in the advertising space. In effect, this is a levelling of the playing field, that works in favour of your business. Also, as more and more businesses take advantage of PPC campaigns to appear on page one of search results, organic results are being pushed further down, to become out of sight and potentially out of mind, for most popular keywords.

What control will you have over the results displayed in search as a consequence of any PPC campaign you run for my business?

When we set up your PPC campaign, we use our expertise to determine for each relevant keyword, whether a direct match or a broad match, is more beneficial to generating relevant leads. We determine which is best, after considering your business, your industry, and a range of other factors. We also determine which keywords, we specifically don't want your business to show up for, in search results.

How do you target my PPC campaign?

Depending on your business requirements, we target potential customers either globally, or via specific locations or geographic areas. If required we can also target via device type and even via a specific language. As we set up your PPC campaign we will discuss targeting options with you.

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