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We know that before you decide to order a website, a mobile application, SEO services, or any digital marketing services from us, you will have many questions. For your convenience, we have grouped our frequently asked questions and their answers, under topic headings. The questions relevant to the heading you selected on the previous page, appear below. Click on any question to see our answer to that question. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine
Why do I need SEO services?

We can build you the best website in the world, but unless your customers are able to find your business when searching online for solutions to their problems, your website has no value. SEO Services help to position your website to be found when a potential customer uses relevant keywords or phrases in conducting online searches. Higher rankings in search results will see more traffic driven to your website. The alternative is to buy traffic through paid advertising, a much more expensive proposition on an ongoing basis.

What methods do you use to optimise my website?

SEO is both a science and an art. All SEO specialists have their own prefered methods of assisting a website to rise in the search rankings on the main search engines. We only use legitimate tactics that will not see your website penalised by any search engine algorithm. We stay up to date with new and emerging trends in SEO and we closely monitor changes in the way search engines rank websites.

How does Google view my website?

Google Webmaster Tools is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize their websites. It has tools that let the webmasters submit and check sitemaps, generate and check robots.txt files, list internal and external pages linking to the site, view statistics related to how Google crawls the site, disavow links, and more.

How long does it normally take to see SEO Results?

It can take between 3 and 6 months for all elements of executing an SEO strategy to take full effect, and for the search engines to acknowledge the presence of your website. To asssist this discovery process, it helps greatly that you add additional and regular content to your website during this period and thereafter. This additional content can take the form of Blogs, Newsletters, Additional Pages, Fresh Offers etc. We will guide you as to what is required from you to speed up this process as much as possible. If you need quick results in the interim period, you may elect to run a short Pay Per Click campaign in tandem with SEO work.

Why do I need to provide additional content for SEO work?

When search engine spiders crawl your website, they are looking to see if there is any new content, the nature of that content, the relevance of that content to keywords used in search activities by potential customers, and how site visitors have reacted to that content. If they find no new content, then in their eyes your site may be regarded as less relevant to those searching, and your rankings will not increase. Remember that for a website and any online marketing you do, content is king.

What is the best way to determine my PPC marketing budget?

We offer three separate PPC Marketing Packages. These are aligned to a small, a medium and a suggested maximum level of monthly investment in advertising designed to attract visitors to your website. Given the nature of PPC costs, the advertising campaign runs each month until the budget is exhausted. Any unused budget will be carried over to the following month, allowing more advertising in that month.

What is a robots.txt file?

A robots.txt file on a website will function as a request that specified robots ignore specified files or directories in their search. This might be, for example, out of a preference for privacy from search engine results, or the belief that the content of the selected directories might be misleading or irrelevant to the categorization of the site as a whole, or out of a desire that an application only operate on certain data.

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