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We know that before you decide to order a website, a mobile application, SEO services, or any digital marketing services from us, you will have many questions. For your convenience, we have grouped our frequently asked questions and their answers, under topic headings. The questions relevant to the heading you selected on the previous page, appear below. Click on any question to see our answer to that question. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media
If I am already paying for SEO work, why should I also consider paying for SMO work?

SEO helps your website to be found during online searches conducted via search engines. SMO is a natural extension of SEO. SMO helps attract traffic to your website from the key social media platforms as a result of your presence and activities on those networks. SMO acts to also strengthen your brand in the minds of potential customers who may not yet be in research mode.

Is SMO beneficial to my site's rankings?

SMO results in your website obtaining quality links to your site from other websites. As these links are natural and organic, search engine spiders look for them, and if found, they can have a positive impact on the ranking of your website.

Can SMO drive more traffic to my website?

Definitely. Social media platforms are amongst the most highly visited websites on the planet. Creating business profiles on the key platforms and completing them fully, can with regular postings to those platforms, generate significant traffic from those platforms to your website. This is another situation where content is king.

Can I repost the same content to different social media platforms?

You can, but it is not necessarily best practice. The various platforms attract different audiences, and to be truly successful in online marketing, you must tailor your content to the particular audience that predominently uses each of the available platforms. Once you have the right content for each platform, you can selectively post that content to that platform multiple times, if the responses you get warrant doing so. Posting a bad piece of content over and over again to the same platform is not advisable, and doing so, will not help gain increased engagement.

Why is there a fee involved when it comes to setting up my campaign?

In order to ensure that we can give you the best possible service, it is important for us to conduct social profiling and in-depth research which goes above and beyond the extensive questionnaire which we’ll ask you to complete; this first phase can take some time to complete, which is why a fee is involved.

If you are doing SMO work for me can I still post to the accounts you are managing?

Whilst we work on your behalf, contributing content as if it was coming from you personally, this is purely to save you the time and effort of having to do this yourself. Your social media accounts belong to you, so feel free to add your own content. If anything, it will only boost your online profile!

How can I be sure that you’ll provide high quality content?

The writers whom we’ll have working on your content are all fully-trained, creative and highly competent industry experts, who are employed because their work meets the high standards expected by our clients.

What does your reporting include?

We report to you monthly. Our reports provide an overview of activity on each platform, deeper insights and analysis of results, and screenshots showing platform statistics.

How will I get more customers through social media platforms?

The more brand awareness you can build for your business, the more people will think of your business when you have the answer to one of their problems. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pintrest, are ideal platforms for this purpose. Our trained social media marketing experts will work to increase your presence on the relevant platforms and build user engagement with your brand. The more people who become aware of your brand and build trust in your brand, the more leads you will receive to convert into customers for your business.

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