November 30, 2017

Do You Need Your Website to be Responsive

Is the Pope a Catholic? Of course, you need your website to be responsive and render appropriately on mobile devices of all types and sizes. The days are long gone, where you could simply create a website, throw it up on the web, and forget about it.

It doesn’t take a great deal of research; just look around you everywhere you go, to discover just how rapidly people have gone mobile now that their smartphones and tablets have as much computing power as they need for web surfing, social media use, communicating online, and purchasing goods and services.

Fortunately, until all businesses get up to speed and all websites on the internet are mobile responsive, you have a chance to get ahead of some of your competition by quickly making your website responsive.

What is the Downside of Having a Non-Responsive Website

You have most likely experienced the frustration yourself of accessing a website via a tablet or mobile phone and finding that the text was too small, you had to scroll up, down, and across to view all elements of a page, call to action buttons were too small to press, and you were waiting forever for images to upload.

The upshot of not delivering your website in a way that works seamlessly on any type and size device, is that it all becomes too hard for the site visitor, and they quickly leave your site, and generally don’t return.

On top of the fact that a non-responsive website will drive away potential customers, the telegraphing to the world of your lack of digital savvy, will have a long-term negative impact on how your target market, perceives your brand.

Most importantly, Google is now rewarding websites that are responsive with greater prominence in search results, so if your website is non-responsive, you will rapidly find your site disappearing from the key positions in online search results.

How Do I Make My Website Responsive

It is not possible to simply click a switch to convert your website into a responsive website. If you have the skill set of a web developer, and at least a day to spare, you can follow the advice at this link and do it yourself.

In our view, a better option is to engage a web developer to rebuild your website from scratch as a responsive website, taking the opportunity to update the design and functionality of the site itself, improve its potential as a lead generation platform, and reduce any information heavy aspects of site content, that may be negatively impacting on the site achieving its business objectives.

How Much Will It Cost to Build a Responsive Website

The investment required to build a responsive website can vary greatly depending on who you engage to do the work for you. We believe that our responsive website offer (which you can view at the top of the page at this link represents excellent value for the modest investment required.

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