September 27, 2017

Social Media Optimisation is a Key Traffic Driver

Social Media Optimisation has evolved into one of the key methodologies for driving traffic to a business website.

The rise of Social Media Optimisation as a key traffic driver has happened because the proportion of adults who utilise social media platforms, has risen to the point in most developed countries, where those not on social media, are in the minority.

As the bulk of your future customers or clients are now active on social media, your business needs to have a fully optimised social media presence, if it is to take full advantage of the opportunities available, to influence these large and growing audiences.

The benefits to your business of having the ability to influence a much wider audience include;

  • Building a greater awareness of your business and its offerings
  • Creating communities around your brand
  • Establishing a wider platform for future lead generation activities
  • Building trust via regular visibility with potential customers or clients
  • Widening the door for greater distribution of your own content
  • Establishing more influence as an expert within your industry
  • Positioning your website as a website with a degree of authority
  • Driving more traffic to your website

Clearly, it is now in the best interests of most businesses, to take steps to optimise their presence on each of their social media platforms.

Unfortunately, Social Media Optimisation, is a more complex process than simply sharing, liking, and posting occasional updates to respective platforms.

The amount of traffic, that your social media activity will generate for your website, depends on many factors including;

  • The quality and completeness of your respective social media profiles
  • The appropriateness of your chosen social media platforms for your targeted audience
  • The quality and share-ability of your posts
  • The format(s) you choose for your individual posts
  • The timing and frequency of your posts
  • The size of your audience on each respective platform
  • The propensity of your audience to comment on or to share posts
  • The strength of your headings as enticements to click on links provided
  • The reputation built up by your business on each social media platform over time

Social Media Optimisation is one of the key strategies in successful internet marketing, and it can deliver great outcomes, when effectively implemented and then managed well.

However, as you can see from the range of determining factors required to ensure success, a wide range of skills and knowledge are required, to effectively do this work.

It is possible to develop the skills needed to conduct your own Social Media Optimisation, however it can often be difficult to find the time for both the ongoing work and for staying abreast of the constant changes in the social media environment.

Alternatively, if you firmly believe you can make far better use of your time focussing on servicing your customers or clients and working on your business strategy, then you should perhaps consider outsourcing your Social Media Optimisation to the experts.

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