September 27, 2017

We have Customers and the Wheels are in Motion

Since our first Newsletter in August, we have been as busy as any start-up business, promoting our business and searching for our initial customers.

Our strategy in the first few months of operating, has been to focus on signing up good businesses to our $1500.00 Feature Packed Business website offer.

Our initial efforts have proven moderately successful, with two Australian SME businesses signing up to take advantage of the terrific value, delivered by this offer.

The first of these businesses, is a well-established business operating in the Telematics Industry.

They have an existing information heavy website, that is not delivering their sales team enough leads, and they had been considering updating their website for some time. The option of a fully hosted solution, with a Content Management System that provides front end editing in real time, will provide the platform they need to drive more leads to their sales team.

The second business, is a start-up business operating in the product side of the Energy Industry.

The business owner is an experienced player in that industry, and recognised the value on offer in our feature packed business website with its included content management system. It was important for this business to have the ability to quickly and easily update their products on their website, without having to rely on external web developers for this action.

We have also been busy with writing and publishing the following Blog posts to the Blog page of our website;

  1. Why Digital Marketing is Important
  2. Why Websites Need SEO to Generate Leads
  3. Social Media Optimisation is a Key Traffic Driver

On the social media front, we have set up and commenced posting to the following accounts;

  1. Twitter –
  2. Facebook –
  3. LinkedIn –

Our first sponsorship

We recently took over over as sponsors of the Business Improvement topic on the international platform. This topic has over 220,000 followers and offers invaluable advice for business owners looking for ways to improve the performance of their businesses.

Early Lesson

One item we didn’t think to check, when we launched our website, was the website backend currency setting. These appear to default to USD, and even if your payment gateways are set up in AUD, the customer will still be billed in USD. Fortunately, we were assisting a potential customer for our SEO and SMO services, sign up for these services online, and noticed the problem before the order was submitted.

What Next

Over the next month or so, now that our own website has been completed and we have started adding regular content, we will be undertaking our own SEO and SMO activities to improve our own website rankings in search results. We expect that over the next three months or so, we will start ranking highly for our chosen keywords.

To this end we have installed Google Analytic on our website and are in the process of setting up our own Google Search Console.

Till Next Month

We look forward to updating you next month on our journey as a startup business playing in a tough space.

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