July 28, 2017

Why Digital Marketing is Important

If your website is mobile responsive, and your business offerings have appeal to a mobile audience (pretty much everybody today), then digital marketing should be high on your agenda, when it comes to implementing your marketing strategy.

The process of attracting targeted audiences to your website, can be the catalyst of building a thriving business, rather than piloting one on its route to eventual oblivion.

In the digital arena that all businesses now operate in, digital marketing is a discipline that provides business owners the ability to compete, survive, and even grow into bigger and better businesses.

If you are yet to be convinced of the value of digital marketing, a quick online search will establish that the process of using digital marketing tools and techniques, provides the following key benefits;

  • Creation of a level playing field between big businesses and their smaller competitors
  • Facilitation of interaction with specifically targeted audiences of potential customers
  • Reduction in the cost per lead generated in comparison to other marketing methodologies
  • Delivery of a higher return on investment than other advertising modes
  • Provision of your message in a way that caters to the needs and desires of mobile consumers
  • Generation of better revenue via new customers attracted by digital offers
  • Creation of a higher level of brand awareness and better recall of business offerings
  • Assistance with building trust in the business brand with mobile consumers
  • Enticing customers to immediately take some action that you want them to take

Whilst SEO services can help drive organic traffic to your website, even if you receive large numbers of unique visitors every month, they mean nothing to your business, unless they can be captured as qualified leads or new customers.

Digital Marketing, in the form of PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns, can be very effective in quickly delivering targeted leads, to specific landing pages on your website. These landing pages, if set up for a single purpose (no distracting navigation bar or inbound or outgoing links) and containing only your offer and your CTA (call to action), are among the most effective means of lead generation available to Australian SME businesses.

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