December 31, 2017

Why is Website Design Important

Website design is really an art, and as most business owners are not talented artists, it pays for them to engage an experienced designer, to design a great website for their business.

At the very least, a great website will encourage a visitor to stay on the website and take the action that the site directs them to take. It should also establish trust and encourage further exploration of the website, either immediately or on return visits.

Before discussing why website design is important, it is first necessary, to understand what exactly website design encompasses.

What is Website Design

Website design is a complex, multi-faceted process. It encompasses all the elements that together make a website sing to its intended audience. The design must create a great first impression and deliver a positive visitor experience. It must also align the goals of the website with the content to be displayed, whilst effectively conveying your key brand messages to your target audience.

The key elements that form the overall design of any website include;

  • Effective incorporation of a business logo and other branding material
  • Clear navigation that guides visitors through the site quickly
  • Appropriate use of font types and font sizes to enhance readability
  • Selection of the right colours to complement existing brand palette
  • Strong visuals to complement brand image and catch the eye of visitors
  • Content that is concise, well written, and which clearly addresses the target market
  • Strong calls to action that are well placed and as prominent as necessary
  • Use of modern interfaces and techniques that work intuitively for the visitor
  • Page layouts that minimise distractions and focus the user on taking specific action
  • A strong narrative that can quickly connect the visitor to the brand

Benefits of Excellent Website Design

Excellent website design becomes obvious after you view enough examples of poor website design.

Badly designed websites usually; look amateurish, take forever to load pages, make it hard for visitors to locate what they are looking for, make it difficult for visitors to determine what the business does, provide little or no direction as to what they want visitors to do next, and generally fail to deliver on even the most basic of website goals.

On the other hand, a well-designed website will deliver the following benefits to the business that deploys it;

  • Much lower bounce rates as visitors spend more time looking around the site
  • More visitors who convert into customers via effective calls to action
  • Higher traffic numbers with more returning visitors and faster load times
  • A point of difference from competitors with less well-designed websites
  • Consistency with all other online and offline business branding endeavours
  • Creation of higher levels of trust from visitors through improved business credibility
  • Compatibility with all the latest mobile devices
  • A solid foundation for future website updates and upgrades
  • A search engine friendly website
  • Greater reliability and improved problem resolution time frames.

Is Custom Design Better

Custom design generally means building a website from the ground up without the use of templates, plug-ins, themes and the like. It is the total opposite of the various website builder programs available to anyone who wants to try to build their own website.

A custom designed and built website will provide you with a unique online presence that is designed specifically to work effectively for your business alone, and to create a great first impression.

Generally, custom design allows you to review and revise the designs presented, multiple times until you are satisfied that the design completely meets your website design brief.

Custom design will ensure that everything on every page has a purpose, visitor distractions are minimised or eliminated, the website delivers on its business purpose, the site is search engine friendly, and a solid foundation is built for future site upgrades.

As website design is a key element of your overall online marketing strategy, custom design provides the greatest flexibility with no constraints, whilst avoiding a range of issues associated with templates, plug-ins, and themes used by many website building programs.

As manyof today’s website visitors align business credibility with the quality of the website deployed by the business, custom design provides the best solution to all businesses who acknowledge that website design is important, and accept that web professionals are best placed to deliver quality, well designed, business websites.

In the past, custom designed and built websites were exorbitantly expensive for all but the largest of businesses, but now it is possible for most businesses to invest in a custom designed and built website, for the equivalent of an average workers weekly wage.

Affordable Custom Website Design for Australian Businesses

In Australia, it makes sense for business owners to focus on what it is that they do best in their business, and outsource everything else to specialists, unless the cost of doing so is well out of reach.

Along with several other local website developers, SME Online Solutions offer very affordable custom designed websites, that address the importance of quality website design towards achieving better business outcomes.

For the small investment required, it no longer makes much sense for busy business owners, to immerse themselves in the time-consuming task of attempting to design a quality website, especially where the skill level required to achieve the desired outcome, is not well developed.

Artists Versus Amateurs

Like most things in life and business, the best job is usually done by someone who focuses their endeavours on a specific calling, and makes it their purpose in life.

As website design is an art, and a very specialised one at that, great website designs come from engaged artists, not amateurs.

As a business owner, the quality of your website design is in your hands. Hopefully, this article will convince you that website design is important enough, to warrant engaging an artist to design your next website.

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