August 1, 2017

Why Start a New Business in a Crowded Market

As we poise on the cusp of acquiring our first customers for our Websites, Mobile Applications, SEO Services and Digital Marketing Services, it is time to pause, and reflect on why we have started a new business in an already crowded market.

SME Online Solutions® came out of the realisation that far too many SME Businesses in Australia, fall into two camps, neither of which we believe are suitable places, for those businesses to be situated.

The first camp, is the businesses that do not understand the value of their time, and the importance of devoting as much time as possible, to serving their customer needs. The businesses in this camp, will, despite their lack of expertise and skills, spend countless valuable hours to try to build, or project manage the building of, a professional website for their business. Once they complete their website, the businesses in this camp, will then try to teach themselves SEO as well as a variety of Digital Marketing skills, and spend countless more hours, in often frustrating endeavours, to achieve high search engine rankings, for their chosen keywords.

The second camp, is the businesses that understand the need for their businesses to have a website, but have little understanding of what it takes to build a website, maintain and manage it, and promote its contents, in a way that will drive traffic to it. The businesses in this camp, will try to find the cheapest way possible, to get a website up and running, without having to get too involved in the process. Once their website is completed, this group tend to lose interest, and are not convinced that paying for SEO services, and embracing paid digital marketing strategies, is going to help their businesses.

Currently, the providers of websites, mobile applications, SEO services and digital marketing services, take full advantage of the vulnerability of the businesses, in each of these camps. They do this in two ways; For those in the first camp, they encourage and actively market do it yourself options for creating an online presence, and for those in the second camp, they push down the path of solutions that, whilst relatively inexpensive and quick to implement, leave a lot to be desired in terms of ownership, security and stability.

Our belief, was that the problems of businesses allowing themselves to be held captive to either of these two options, is caused firstly by lack of knowledge of the full downside for a growing business of creating a website using either of these options, and secondly, the fact that prices charged by the suppliers of full featured, comprehensive websites, that overcome the downsides of choosing the cheaper alternatives, are often excessive.

We identified that by providing affordable products and services, that did not require these businesses to compromise when ensuring that their new website; can grow with their businesses, is suitable for SEO and digital marketing endeavours, and has the flexibility required to be user friendly and cost effective to manage, we could prevent Australian SME businesses from finding themselves situated in either of these undesirable camps.

In addition to working out ways and means of achieving this outcome, we also looked at how we could differentiate ourselves from our competition. We decided to do this by, firstly obtaining the exclusive Australian rights to utilise the Wohola CMS as the basis for our business websites, and then by introducing a safe and secure Escrow Service, to hold all payments for websites and mobile applications, until projects are completed according to agreed specifications.

It has taken us a full twelve months, to convert the original idea into a business ready to open its doors, to its first customers.

Time will tell if we are able to build a profitable business around preventing SME businesses in Australia from placing themselves into the two camps we have identified above. It should be an interesting journey.

Stay tuned for future newsletters where we will expand on the trials and tribulations of starting a new business from scratch, share lessons learned along the way, and update our newsletter subscribers with our progress towards building a business around helping SME businesses in Australia, to invest wisely when it comes to their websites and mobile applications.

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